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lineCristoforo Barbato, Italian freelancer - Casier di Treviso, 2006

Cristoforo Barbato, Italian freelancer (Casier di Treviso, March 2006, Italy).

Stargate Magazine, former Italian magazine for which C. Barbato was editor-in-chief

Stargate Magazine, former Italian magazine for which C. Barbato was editor-in-chief.


Ratlines, Italian edition of the historical essay by M. Aarons and J. Loftus

The Italian edition of Ratlines,
by Newton and Compton Publishers.



The following text is the final part of the press release spread by Cristoforo Barbato in the year 2005. The first part included biographical notes.


by Cristoforo Barbato


- Vatican and UFO: Secretum Omega -

  On the day 30 of April in the Palazzo della Provincia of Pescara took place the Conference "UFO? the Truth is Top Secret, from Area 51 to Planet X", organized by the Ufobserver Cultural Association.

  During the conference I related about underground bases in the USA and dedicated the last fifteen minutes of my speech to a very short summary of my work during last five years in a new direction that, starting from now, will be the leading topic of my future lectures. This is a little anticipation. In the year 2000 I was working in Rome as an editor in the Stargate Magazine and I wrote many articles about Fatima Apparitions, their famous Third Secret and other Vatican State-related mysteries. After the publication of these articles I started to receive many e-mails from a person who qualified himself as a Vatican insider longing to know me for my researches about Fatima.

  From those e-mails rose up the story of a presumed Vatican Intelligence Agency named S.I.V. code ? Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano. After one year of such kind of epistolary contacts (in the meantime that person had revealed to me he was a S.I.V. member from the Jesuit order working in structures of the Holy See and I could verify that these informations were true), we finally met in a public place in Rome and I realized that he knew much more thanf what he had said in his mails.

  Moreover, he sent to me some stuff including a video (shown during the Pescara Conference) regarding observations of something like a tenth planet approaching the Solar System. Such video had been presumedly taped in 1995 from a space probe named Siloe and its images had been later sent to a secret radio-telescope hidden in an unused oil-refining plant in Alaska, totally managed by Jesuits.  

  According to this person the reason to establish the S.I.V. was the meeting with an Alien delegation at Muroc Air Field Base in February 1954 in presence of president Dwight Eisenhower and James Francis McIntyre, bishop of Los Angeles. After that incredible event McIntyre flew to Rome to refer everything to Pope Pius XII who decided to found the S.I.V with the aim to get every possible information about Aliens and how they interacted with the American Government. From then bishop McIntyre and Detroit Archbishop Edward Mooney became the main information co-ordinators between the USA and the Vatican State.

  Incredibly, later on there should have been some direct personal meetings between S.I.V. members and a nordic-looking race of Aliens coming from the Pleiades. These Aliens presumedly warned humans against another alien race met by the Americans in the California Desert.
  These meetings between S.I.V and Aliens took place mainly in the USA territory but also - twice - in the Vatican State, precisely in Vatican Gardens at the Papal Academy of Sciences in presence of Pope Pius XII.
  My Jesuit contact also confirmed to me the reality of the George Adamsky-John XXIII meeting and talked about some very interesting details about it. He also called "Secretum Omega" the highest secrecy level in S.I.V, equivalent to to the NATO Cosmic Top Secret.

  Thanks to your attention.

  Best Regards

  Cristoforo Barbato

e-mail: omegasecret@libero.it



by Luca Scantamburlo

  Who is Cristoforo Barbato? Born in Naples in 1972, he is an Italian independent UFO researcher. In the last 7 years he worked and written for several UFO magazines and frontier studies published in Italy: Notiziario UFO and Dossier Alieni, and later on for Stargate. For some of them - Extra Terrestre and Stargate Magazine - he was editor-in-chief. For many years Barbato was also a member of the C.U.N. (Centro Ufologico Nazionale), the main Italian ufological association.

  Moreover he has collaborated to the realization of two Italian encyclopedias on the UFOs subject, entitled UFO Dossier X, published by the Fabbri Edizioni and Stargate - Enigmi dal Cosmo, by Curcio Editore.

  Barbato has participated as speaker at some national conventions on UFOs, where he has had the possibility to meet different important UFOs researchers, both Italians and international: among them Col. Philip Corso, U.S. Army retired officer. Since the year 2007, Barbato is a member of the Free Lance International Press, (F.L.I.P.), an Italian association of freelancers which has its head offices in Rome.

  In my opionion Barbato is a loyal person and a scrupolous scholar, capable to study the UFO subject without ideological prejudices, and always remembering that the UFOs are an intelligence phenomenon.

  In the years 2002 and 2003 I wrote two reports for the Italian magazine Stargate Magazine, for which Barbato was - at that time - editor-in-chief in Rome. Finally we met for the first time in October 2005, at Santa Maria Maddalena (a village close to Rovigo, in Italy), where Barbato participated as speaker at a meeting organized by Prof. Sebastiano Di Gennaro, chemist and chairman of U.S.A.C, an Italian ufological association. In that occasion I saw for the first time the footage of a digital tranfer from the videotape sent by the Jesuit to Barbato in year 2000, a footage of two minutes that shows a presumed planetoid (with a thick atmosphere) in the deep space; according to the Jesuit (the Vatican insider who contacted Barbato), it would be Nibiru, the Planet X. The footage - always according to the deep throat - is classified "Secretum Omega", the highest secrecy clearence used by S.I.V (Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano), an unofficial Vatican intelligence agency. 

  The outstanding intervention of Cristoforo Barbato - about the Planet X, the underground bases and the Vatican Secret services - shocked me because of the detailed information (accompanied by unpublished pictures and videos) and the force of his subjects.

  At last I interviewed Barbato for the Italian bimonthly magazine UFO Notiziario (UFO news), nr.62, April-May 2006. The Barbato' s research roused me to investigate as journalist the "Secretum Omega" enigma  and since 2005 up to now, on some magazines, websites and essays I found out several circumstantial evidences that seem to prove the existence of the S.I.V. (Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano, Secret services of the Vatican) and the "Secretum Omega", their highest clearance.

  Barbato, before than me, found the most important and explicit of them on an historical essay, a book written by Mark Aarons and John Loftus: Ratlines.

The disturbing inquiries carried out by Barbato deserve our maxim attention, especially to understand how much truth there is about the next Planet X's arrival.

L. Scantamburlo
Jesolo Lido (VE), Italy, 
September 20, 2006

Updating: September 2008

For more information, Barbato's website is the following:

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