Did a space military mission take place three years before
the Apollo 11 mission, which would have been only a staging?

by Luca Scantamburlo

member of the Free Lance International Press (Rome, Italy)

Italian newspaper - at that time - celebrates the first lunar landing of Apollo 11, in July 1969
Corriere della Sera, first page.
Photo by L. Scantamburlo, private studio

Years ago (2011) I spread to the public a press release about the existence of the so-called "Project RedSun": a classified plan of colonization of Mars that the United States of America and the Soviet Union would have been carried out in the circle of an international cooperation, in the '70s of the last century, during the Cold War and far away from indiscreet eyes. A joint USA-USSR International cooperation was already in course at that time, but it would have had a second level - in great secrecy - besides the public one that led to the well-known Apollo Soyuz Test Project, in July 1975 (only a few know that such a test in space was known - in some NASA circles - as Apollo 18).

In the last email exchange that in the summer 2010 I had with my privileged European insider, he provided me information on such a concealed project of exploration and conquest of the Red Planet (Mars), and he confirmed me also the presumed names of Apollo 19 crew-members (I remind you that Apollo19 - according to testimonies I collected since the year 2007 - would have been a re-scheduled space mission, after its official cancellation by NASA because of budget reasons, and which became a secret NASA-DoD mission (called "orange mission", NASA-Department of Defense), under the joint American-Soviet flag. Nevertheless, it would have had a dramatic accident in space in February 1976, in the attempt to reach the Moon for a landing on the hidden side. That's why Apollo 20 followed that mission. My European deep throat - with whom I lost the contacts years ago - confirmed me also the presumed identity of the Apollo 19 Commander, already known to me by the admission of the same alleged astronaut.

My source of information - called by me with the code-name "bravoxsierra24"- expressed me also his perplexity about the videos uploaded on Internet in 2007 and 2008 by the controversial individual under the alias "retiredafb" (YouTube user, Google). Videos and documents in relation to Apollo 20 mission, which would have taken place in August 1976 (since some footage would have been, in his opinion, "heavily manipulated digitally"), but he confirmed me the two Space missions Apollo 19 and 20 really happened secretly in the February and August 1976. He also gave me further information on other Apollo NASA missions, attesting suspects already expressed by many researchers and journalists of all around the world (among them I remember William "Bill " Kaysingactive in the preceding decades and author of the oustanding book We Never Went to the Moon, published for the first time in USA in 1976; and more recently with the interviews and investigations conducted by the pressing American freelance Bart Sibrel).

My European source of information described the first historical lunar mission as "the great mockery of Apollo 11", in his opinion carried out with great mastery by "a group of military scientists, astronauts and strategists" (this, I commented already at that time, does not implicate necessarily that Americans did not set foot upon the Moon in different times and places than what they declared). Some signs coming from what he did in lifetime, it seemed indicating me a military man, maybe a former military officer who worked for the defence of an European country (I have omitted here some details I learnt on its identity).

The individual by the name of "moonwalker1966delta" (Youtube, Google) with whom I remained in contact for some years, from 12 May 2008 until 30 July 2012 - and then with his new nickname of "John Moonwalker" he has in the YouTube community, and declared Apollo 19 Commander and former NASA astronaut of Gemini and Apollo space programs (see my interview with him) - confirmed me, with his great surprise, the extraordinary revelations coming from this deep throat that contacted me here in Europe, and that gave me information on the secret "Project RedSun".

On the contrary, very astonished that I had very reserved information, the Apollo 19 Commander ("John Moonwalker") wanted to add more on American space programs. I decide finally to reveal these information to the public, judging that the time is ripe for action, and for a better comprehension of the history of the lunar conquest, and above all for shedding light on the space conquest happened under military control, parallelly to the civilian and scientific one. I also underline that John Moonwalker - some months after our communications with regard to secrets of Mars - uploaded on his YouTube channel in 2012, a 16 mm footage that would document the second RedSun mission sent to Mars (in the year 1973, "ISV Columbus", see "John Moonwalker" YouTube channel).

I decide today to come forward with these information because since the summer 2012 I have lost any contact with "moonwalker1966delta" / alias "John Moonwalker". If he is really the former NASA astronaut of Apollo and Gemini programs, as he claims - today he is near the shade of cypresses avenue, as we are used to say here in Europe (being already an eighty-year old man, and even older), although of course I wish him many other happy years of life with its family and his closer friends.

These information could indeed explain an extremely complex mosaic under the historical point of view, that in the past was made by geopolitical, economic, and military interests. Moreover, at that time even interests of national and ideological prestige were in a tangle, placed one upon another. As usual, the first victim in the question of foreign policy and of conflict - "Cold" or "Hot War", whatever it is - was and is still today the historical truth. The main reason because of I have delayed their disclosure until now, is my extreme caution. I have thought it over for a long time, and I have also tried to understand the validity of other information I have received in the last years, and furnished me by other insiders. Some of them I have also met in person and what they told me, would seem - but only in some measure - confirm the story.

For sure some of these individuals have been moved by bona fides (good faith), while others probably have been pushed by purposes not better identified, but in any case with the goal of sidetracking me and discrediting me. In both of them, it is evident that Apollo 19 and 20 stories and the "RedSun" Project" as well, are connected to sensitive military affairs, to hidden pages of Space history, and to some scientific and revolutionary discoveries, still unpublished so far.

With my statements I do not want either expressing any moral judgment of condemnation, nor accusing astronauts and cosmonauts, US civil and military agencies, and Soviet Institutions, for having lied to the public opinion.

As you might see through the information that I present in the context of the testimony that has been offered to me, the picture that emerges is complex, and not necessarily the probable mockery of Apollo 11 moon-landing was only a mere and huge lie given to mass media and to over a billion of televiewers of 1960s of the last century. The common sense suggests that unlikely the Soviets would have concealed the thing: evidently, a background of truth about the moon-landing of the lunar module (LM) Eagle, in July 1969, must be real. And in fact there is but in an unexpected manner, as we 'll see.

I release the following information also because of my testimony I granted last year for the video documentary entitled Packing for Mars (USA, 2015, Producer/executive Producer Tonia Madenford, info:, by the Canadian director Frank Jacob, in which I have anticipated for the first time publicly something of what I am going to tell in this press release-testimony.

Here for you the information that "moonwalker1966delta" - the alleged Apollo 19 Commander - furnished me in March 2011 through our contacts of YouTube Account /General Messages (Google), and that I disclose in detail for the first time, using the conditional mood because of course it is necessary to have other comparisons, testimonies and cross-checks before - eventually - confirming the content:

- the "Taurus space program" is the original code-name of the manned lunar landing space program under US military control that for the first time landed on the Moon with a human crew, and that was prepared parallelly to NASA program called Apollo; the classified Taurus space program was active since the year 1962, and was completed with success in 1966;

- the rocket of Taurus mission for the first American manned flight with the goal of a lunar landing, which happened in 1966, was a rocket named "Apollo D-2 ", made by General Electric; such a rocket became subsequently the famous Saturn V, but it had already been tested 4 times before being used in the NASA Apollo program; the moon-landing of the Taurus mission of 1966 did not happen on the so-called Mare Tranquillitatis, which became the Tranquillity Base, on the near side of the moon, but occured on another lunar site (I ignore what was selected at that time);

- reasons of the above-named classified military space program, were due to the Cold War of the "Space Race", the run for the space of the two US and Soviet Union superpowers: Americans were frightened by a possible failure of the space mission Apollo in live broadcast, therefore they decided - with the complicity of US institutional powers - to present to the public opinion an emormous deception, a farce, reassured also by the fact there was already a secret American moon-landing that anticipated the Apollo 11 (officially dated, as everyone knows, on 16-24 July 1969);

- television images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who touched the lunar ground on July 20, 1969, after the landing of the LM Eagle (Apollo 11), are not images coming from a broadcasted live, neither they would show the descent from the LM of the two famous astronauts, nor the first step on the Moon by Armstrong, but they would be, as the matter of fact, images coming from the original video of the first landing on the Moon, occured in 1966, with 2 American military astronauts (on which identity I know nothing), members of the Taurus Space program; in particular, I am referring when Neil Armstrong descends the Apollo 11 lunar module ladder: that astronaut would be an US military astronaut, the first human being who walked on the Moon, in 1966; he was probably a crew member of the so-called "Apollo11-Apollo-D", the ultra top-secret space mission mentioned by my source - "moonwalker1966delta" - during our contacts;

- Aldrin and Armstrong really departed from Cape Kennedy in Florida, in July 1969 - with Michael "Mike" Collins - but not to reach the Moon, but only for orbiting the Earth with Apollo 11, and they remained on orbit furnishing radio communications and false videos from their spacecraft, and all this as agreed with Russians, who were acquainted by Americans according to my source of information;

- the insider wrote me that several videos already exist on the Web, and they dismount the official videos and audio testimonies of Apollo 11: according to what he wrote me, 95% of photos that would attest the Apollo 11 mission upon the Moon, would have been implemented in a photographic studio/set, and the audio of astronauts from the Moon, would have been pre-recorded on the ground, in secrecy;

- my source - Apollo 19 CMDR alias "moonwalker1966delta", today only "John Moonwalker" - confirmed me in July 2012 what I had already suspected regarding the identity of "retiredafb", revealing me its authentic full name (Rutledge is the correct family name, while the "first name" is different than the one spread by "retiredafb"); the real Rutledge is a regular officer, a distinguished veteran, with important awards and war decorations; in 1976 his rating was Command Pilot and his rank was Captain; what at that time (during the Spring and Summer 2007) I did not understand at once, was the role played by the individual "retiredafb", the YouTube user with whom I compared for some months in an exchange of YouTube messages; he would have been a kind of actor/impostor, who has played for some years the part of a former test pilot and retired USAF astronaut, perhaps in contact with me and others just from Africa as he claimed, and this was done deliberately to remove the attention from the historical figure by the name of Rutledge, resident in USA, and who would be the authentic Apollo 20 Commander. In fact on July 6, 2012, the Apollo 19 Commander confirmed me what I suspected: "retiredafb" would have been a sort of actor, living in Rwanda, and this was done to avoid leak of information not needed, to manipulate the real existing information concealed for decades by the military, in accordance with an established plan of leak of information (I ignore who has orchestrated this revelation of Apollo 19 and 20), while the authentic Rutledge - Apollo 20 CMDR - still lives in the United States of America, as retired.

Of course this surprising revelation explains any biographical contradiction shown by "retiredafb", the misleading material and data, and the suspicious videos sometimes contaminated with old footage of other missions, and the grammatical and linguistic slips and unsual aspects which are not consistent with an Anglo-American mother tongue, all characteristics of "retiredafb" that since the April 2007 have been clear to everyone, discrediting the same "retiredafb" in front of the public opinion.

Returning instead to the presumed first lunar conquest occured in secrecy (the "Taurus" space program), these information could be just either disinformation or a conspiracy theory. For example, the information which says the 2 military astronauts of Taurus Space Program did not land on "Mare Tranquillitatis" (Tranquillity Base) but somewhere else, it is in contradiction not only with the official history, but also with the photographic evidence produced in 2009 by the NASA space probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, LRO; orbiting the Moon, in fact, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera photographed with a resolution of 4 feet for pixel the sites of moon-landing of Apollo missions, and among them also the Apollo 11 site, the Tranquillity Base, photo where it is clearly visible a metallic object abandoned on the lunar surface; this object is similar to a descent stage of the LM, and consistent with the departure of astronauts to come back home, on Earth.

Nevertheless anyone who wants to practise the free thought and to have a honest criticism, can recognize that such a historical alternative reconstruction different than the official one - so far difficult to accept, without other comparisons, testimonies and evidence - is able to come an understanding both who asserts that we have been to the Moon in the terms told by NASA, and who believes we have never gone to the Moon. All this would explain the strange and hurried farewell from NASA of Armstrong and Aldrin, the main protagonists of the moon-landing of Apollo 11, who faced personal problems (in particular Buzz Aldrin, victim of depression and alcoholism, then later on fortunately solved), and the low profile that they adopted soon after their lunar landing.

The fact that NASA photographic material is doubtful, does not mean that the US astronauts did not not go to the Moon in times and places different in comparison with the official version (as many researchers suspect). As I have already pointed out, I think that such a controversial testimony of the Taurus Space program deserves being presented to the public.

Of course I still protect the alleged identity of the Apollo 19 Commander, "John Moonwalker", but he has already given to the public enough signs and elements to understand who he is. Some words by the Apollo 19 Commander read by me for the video documentary by Frank Jacob (Packing Mars, USA, 2015), express very well the feelings and the thoughts of such a complex historical picture:

<<There was a time when the persons who deserves the highest honors remained hidden to serve their country while the persons who were just actors got the best and high honors. We cant' blame'em obviously, that was their duty>>

"moonwalker1966delta", Apollo 19 CMDR,

YouTube message to Luca Scantamburlo, January 24th, 2009

This was anticipated to me by "moonwalker1966delta" on January 24, 2009 (and then I had realized something of very important was hidden, in relation to the first landing on the Moon), and confirmed in detail only in the year 2011, in the course of our contacts through YouTube/General Messages. The Apollo 19 Commander told me at that time this can be another great revelation for "everyone who deserves to know the truth".

With regard to the presumed involvement of General Electric in the construction of the space rocket that would have sent military astronauts to the Moon, I have found a little evidence in an Italian book dedicated to the space rocket science and technology, where General Electric is mentioned as one of the first companies of aerospace industry involved in projects and missilistic programs of American defense. In my opinion, while I have not doubts that the Apollo missions crews reached the lunar surface and set their foot upon it - though there are doubts on the real targets and goals of such missions and on what they really photographed and filmed - I believe the story of Apollo 11 as a sophisticated mockery, transmitted worldwide as a real mission, is a hypothesis more than reasonable, above all if connected to the so-called Apollo Simulation Program, discussed by William "Bill" Kaysing (We Never Went to the Moon).

This alternative historical reconstruction, can well explain the enigmatic words pronounced publicly in 1994 by Neil Armstrong (NASA astronaut with Gemini 8, before his mission of Apollo 11), during a commemorative ceremony in the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing:

<<[...] There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers>>

Neil Armstrong

US, 1994, NBC News, file video

In my opinion his cryptic statement was referring to an ethic obligation that he felt inside, and because of a weight that he had on his conscience far too long: Neil A. Armstrong, before becoming a NASA astronaut, was a naval aviator and a test pilot, loyal to his oath of secrecy signed with Navy and others, and loyal to the American flag he had served, but maybe he knew that something of very important about the Moon conquest and about the space exploration, was concealed to the public, and that's why he gave - in 1994 - some signs without breaking his oath of secrecy.

The citizens - especially Americans but not only them - might submit a formal FOIA request through the Freedom of Information Act (making a "FOIA request"), to the Agency's FOIA Office of Federal Agencies, and to any other governmental institution, looking for information on these presumed classified space programs of the Department of Defense (DoD): "Taurus Space Program" and "Project RedSun", with goals respectively the Moon and Mars. Of course I do not guarantee either that someone can find something, nor that something of interesting is able to confirm the revelations I spread so far.

Anyway, I believe that even if only a single paper or document about the "Project RedSun" and "Taurus Space Program" - in spite it may be censored, perhaps to 99% - will come out from their archives, and officially released after a formal FOIA request, this could be a great victory for all the free press, and for everyone who deserves to know the truth of space exploration, happened behind the scenes.

© Luca Scantamburlo
April 10th, 2016

Author of the website

member of The Free Lance International Press (Rome, FLIP)
International Association of Press Photographers (Miami, IAPP)
Reporters sans frontières (Paris)

The end of press release - it follows an article on Project RedSun

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Update - April 11th, 2016
About the information "John Moonwalker" gave me on the "Apollo D-2" spacecraft made by General Electric - referring to the presumed first lunar manned mission (a hush-hush military space mission, 1966) - we should talk of a spacecraft only, not of a launch vehicle / rocket, as I have written in my press release-testimony. Perhaps the YouTube insider meant telling me in a larger sense, considering the rocket and the spacecraft together, and the Apollo D-2 spacecraft inside, like the Apollo orbital capsule (LM/SM/CM) was inside the Saturn V rocket, before the launch, on the top of it. Anyway, I have found out that 12 American companies at that time - in 1961 - were invited by NASA to submit prime contractor proposal for the Apollo program, to make a space vehicle able to reach the Moon and returning safe to the Earth. At the end of November 1961, NASA selected the North American Aviation's proposal, which awarded the Apollo prime contract. General Electric (GE) created the Apollo D-2 space vehicle as proposal design, in July 1961. Moreover, I have also found an interesting historical clue which is coherent with the information of the year 1966 as first lunar landing date, provided by "John Moonwalker" (Apollo 19 CMDR). As the matter of fact, the General Electric company at that time was "[...] confident of achieving circumlunar flight by the end of 1966 and lunar-orbital flight shortly thereafter" (See the book Chariots for Apollo, by Courtney Brooks, James Grimwood, and Loyd Swenson, © Blackmash Online, 2002)

So it is possible that the US military valued a great idea the concept of re-entry vehicle proposed by General Electric, which had more meters of living space for astronauts than the Apollo capsule chosen by NASA, and other advantages, and they developed and used it for their secret "Taurus Space Program".

© Luca Scantamburlo
April 11th, 2016



MARS, by MOC /MGS, 2004
Photo Credit: NASA-JPL



by Luca Scantamburlo

In the course of the last century during the Space Race among USA and USSR, the first men to set foot on planet Mars would have been Edwin E. Aldrin (today Buzz Aldrin) and Neil Armstrong, departed from the Earth in great secrecy in 1970; they are the first men who - according to the official space history - walked on the Moon in July 1969 (Apollo 11), and honoured and celebrated for their outstanding achievement.

At least 13 space missions would have taken place in the 1970s of XX Century with the purpose to build a permanent base on Mars, the Red Planet. According to the testimony of the insider "bravoxsierra24" who was in contact with me years ago, the code-name of the project within which these missions were developed in military circle, was "Project RedSun", created in 1960 and which was realized for the first time in the year 1970, with the first of the thirteen missions which followed. Such a presumed space project was born from the former "Project Horizon" by the American Army (U.S. Army) which it would have driven - always according to my contact - to the construction of "a permanent base on the moon".

About the rocket used for the first Martian mission, to bring in orbits the 3 men toward Mars in 1970 ( two landed on the Martian surface, and they would have been Aldrin and Armstrong ) was a modified Saturn V. The following space mission used as rocket what was called the Saturn VIII, "more similar to the Space Shuttle, much more practical than this", commented my source. About the launching site, the insider revealed me that it was located in South America, in " an absolutely isolated and secret area of Brazil". With regard to the area where it would have been located the mission control, Cocoa Beach in Florida was chosen for the first 3 missions, while for the following missions, the mission control was located in the famous area known as "Area 51", in Nevada (USA).

So far we have heard the insiders' voices. These information spread by myself for the first time in 2011, seem unbelievable, but let us see some notes of the official rockets history and astronautics: for example, think about the scientific project named "NERVA" by NASA/AEC (1961-1972), managed by an office of Washington, D.C. (the SNPO), that showed already in the first '60 years of the XX century with experimental ground tests - in the Nevada desert - the effectiveness and the validity of a nuclear rocket projected for space propulsion, and here the whole story - if not convincing yet - can at least appear possible. A spaceship with a nuclear propulsion would shorten a trip towards Mars, which would be reached in less time (4/5 months ) respect to a propulsion with chemical combustion (8/9 months). Also the "Project Rover" by the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory - active from 1955 until its cancellation in 1972 - were inspired to the same principles. A nuclear rocket heats a gas with the heat produced by controlled nuclear chain reactions, a fluid of job is able to expand it as gas of high-speed thrust, and getting so the propulsive push for the spaceship. We have the advantage of using the gas in the liquid state - as the hydrogen, for example - and so with a molecular weight much more lower in comparison with the chemical fuels.

From this it results a specific impulse (Isp) measured in seconds, from 200 % to 300 % higher than the specific impulse of a propulsion based on chemical combustion, where the fuel combines chemically with the combustive - that we need to store in the spacecraft, as oxiding - to become the impetus (we are talking about thermal chemical rockets ). The propulsive push attainable with a nuclear rocket shortens of quite a lot the necessary time for an interplanetary journey and it has also the advantage - under the same conditions of payload - of a less mass of propellent to store (there is not necessity to store oxygen), and of a space flight not necessarily related to right time windows of launch, and to optimal planetary favorable alignments. A reduction of the weight in departure of the rocket with nuclear engine, can arrive also to 90%, than a rocket with thermal rocket and chemical propellent. Available solutions would be for example a two-stages rocket, chemical and nuclear, or a single-stage nuclear rocket.

The Rover/NERVA technology was inexplicably forsaken and not active in NASA as operational program (officially because of budget cuts), during its following space program. If the ground tests were a success, with a few problems for personnel and staff (only an accident happened, with an explosion of hydrogen which caused 2 wounded), it is difficult to understand why so much money and time and energy were invested, and then all of a sudden abandoning the whole shebang. In the 1970s most of the NASA investments were in fact concentrated on the Skylab and Space Shuttle program. Not the least bit some other federal agencies have - secretly - used the success achieved with the Rover/NERVA technology.
I want also to remind the "Project Orion", that involved among many scientists, Stanislaus Ulam (he had the idea in 1946, on the basis of previous studies), the famous British scientist Freeman Dyson (naturalized American) and the civil and aeronautical engineer Carlo Riparbelli, an Italian from Rome, already engineer for "Caproni" company (where he was the "industrial designer chief"), and officer in the war of Libya. The project "Orion" was a secret space project whose study was developed initially in US with the General Dynamics Corporation, and managed at first by ARPA (which become later on DARPA), then with the USAF for seven years and finally was studied at NASA. It was partially declassified decades ago, and it considered a spaceship propeled by a series of controlled explosions of nuclear devices, detonated at safe distance from the same spaceship, which would have had a metallic pusher plate dressed with a special material (graphite, for example ), set at the rear of the spaceship. The energy of the high-speed plasma with high density coming from the atomic explosions, would have produced the thrust (so a spacecraft with nuclear impulse, capable of converting the energy of nuclear detonation in kinetic energy). This was the first concept of impulse engine, from a nuclear propulsion ("External NPP"). Then from there, others followed. With such a propulsion, a trip towards Mars with 100 tons of payload, would have required only 125 days.

Just the same dr. Wernher von Braun - before leaving NASA - proposed in 1969 a space mission towards Mars with 12 crew members: two travelling spaceships in tandem, propeled each of them by 3 nuclear NERVA engines, with departure in 1980 and arrival on Mars in 1981. But already at the end of the 1940s, right after the end of the Second World War, von Braun had theorized the space trip towards Mars, giving to a Publisher a technical study of such a mission (1949), although in this case, his juvenile project had not a nuclear engine, but spacecrafts with chemical rockets.

© Luca Scantamburlo

April 10th, 2016


AEC: Atomic Energy Commission

ARPA: Advanced Research Projects Agency

NERVE: Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application

SNPO: Space Nuclear Propulsion Office

Update: April 16, 2016
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