lineTLI - Courtesy NASA, Illustration

- Fig.1 -

NASA illustration for TLI
(Trans Lunar Injection)

- Courtesy NASA --



- Fig.2 -

Since the beginning of my communication with "retiredafb" by YouTube (even before the interview), he showed me detailed knowledge of space flight terminology:
see the "TLI" acronym. 
from my
YouTube Account /General Messages
(May 23, 2007) - L. Scantamburlo


Apollo 19 incident: a frame from the video posted on YouTube by "moonwalker1966delta" - frame a

Apollo 19 incident: a frame from the video posted on YouTube by "moonwalker1966delta" - frame b

Apollo 19 incident: a frame from the video posted on YouTube by "moonwalker1966delta" - frame c

Several frames from the video uploaded on YouTube by "moonwalker1966delta",
the alleged Apollo 19 Commander:
it would be an evidence of the Apollo 19 incident, taken place at the end of TLI
(February 1976?)



The AS15-M-1720 NASA picture: you can see the Fermi walled plane, the Izsak crater on the left and the "Izsak D" crater on the upper right of the picture

- Courtesy NASA/LPI -



The detail of the NASA picture listed as AS15-M-1720, but rotated of 90 

- Courtesy NASA/LPI -


The Izsak crater


Diameter 30 KM 
it is a detail of the image AS15-M-1720 taken from an altitude of 114 km (Apollo 15 mission); Camera Tilt: VERT; Revolution: 44;
Sun Elevation: 20;
Lens Focal Length: 3 inch 

-Image and data
courtesy NASA/LPI-


by Luca Scantamburlo


In the past I wrote an article for my website in which I reminded that there is an official NASA Web page with an indication that Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (the ASTP) was a mission involving Soyuz 19 and Apollo 18 capsules; that page can be found at the following link:

 The caption "Apollo 18" identifies who the United States crew members of the ASTP were: Thomas P. Stafford, Vance D. Brand, Donald K. "Deke" Slayton. Although we have no evidence in the historical record that Apollo 18 was followed by Apollo 19 (due to Apollo 19 being most a secret USAF mission, with NASA collaboration), William Rutledge gave a precise definition for the ASTP. It was correct, in spite of the fact this information is not well-known by the general public.

  To whom it may concern, and to all the readers of my website, I remind that after the "retiredafb" testimony, another whistleblower of the controversial Apollo 19-20 case has come out: the alleged Apollo 19 Commander, a former NASA astronaut who revealed his name to me, through our contacts. I was not able to check his credentials, but the amount and the nature of the footage he spread on Internet, are quite interesting. On Youtube his nickname is "moonwalker1966delta".
  The interview who granted to me, in year 2008, is rich in details and helped me to find out one of the two huge triangular objects resting on the far side of the Moon, and mentioned by William Rutledge in my interview with him (year 2007); the mysterious triangular object is near the cigar-shaped object.



  "Moonwalker1966delta" - on November 09, 2008 - posted on YouTube an outstanding video of Apollo 19 secret space mission: taken probably by chance inside the Lunar Module (and this could explain why we do not see any astronaut in the video; but I am not sure about it), after the TLI, the so-called Trans Lunar Injection manoeuver; the TLI is the acronym used to indicate the propulsion maneuver which sets a spacecraft on a trajectory which will intersect the Moon; see Fig. 1.

  On YouTube "moonwalker1966delta" had commented the video with the following words:

"Apollo 19 just hit by something and loosing telemetry data.Fire and smoke on AC-BC cell bus and aborting mission after TLI insertion"

  But what can we say about the radio dialogue?
  First of all we have to say something about the presumed incident occured to Apollo 19 mission: according to Apollo 19 Commander, there was a "a light loss of gyroscopic inertial vector a sudden breakdown of electrical power bus unit and a completely loss of telemetry."    The crew had "smoke and light fire on the frontal panel" but they have been able to estinguish it very soon. Once they had electrical power again, they stopped the giroscopic movement. Then, they got help from Houston where a couple of astronauts entered the simulator. It was not very clear to me where the Mission Control was. So "moonwalker1966delta" -  in the answer nr. 2 of my interview with him - said to me:

"Mission control for USA was in Vandenberg AFB but we have been forced to use Houston mission control for contingency situation due to incident occured because the simulator [...]" - names omitted - "used was located at KSC and telemetry link data of the simulator was directly connected to Houston mission control as in usual Apollo Missions. That's why from that moment we used radio and data link with Houston mission control only."

  So, some NASA astronauts would have helped Apollo 19 crew to survive and come back home. Now we have to remember that even the other whistleblower - "retiredafb", the alleged William Rutledge, Apollo 20 Commander - In recollecting the dramatic loss of the Apollo 19 spacecraft and its crew, was precise about it before what he told me in the interview (see answer nr.13); on May 23, 2007, he told me in our contacts (see Fig.2) that:

  "Apollo 19 had a loss of telemetry wheile being at the end of the TLI, it was not clearly explained at this time, but it is beleived, it was a natural phenomemon, a collision of the aircraft and one of Cruithne brother, who was not identified in 1976."

May 23, 2007, 06:12 PM, from Luca Scantamburlo's YouTube Account.

  But we now know - according to "moonwalker1966delta", Apollo 19 Commander - that William Rutledge (a.k.a "retiredafb") told us something wrong - perhaps on purpose in my opinion - to drive someone else to tell the truth. Apollo 19 crew had the incident, but it survived.



  Recently I have been in contact with a kind American citizen who has helped me to have an accurate trancription of the dramatic radio dialogue among the presumed Apollo 19 crew and the Mission Control on the ground. Mr. W. - a gentleman who prefers to stay behind the scenes - gave me weeks ago what he believes to be a good trascription of that conversation. He is 90% sure that is what they said. You can compare the text I present to you, with original voices, listening to the video posted on YouTube by "moonwalker1966delta", at the following link:

 Here you are the text, almost a complete transcription of the radio dialogue; some words are not understandable because of the bad quality of the audio (I have coupled every statement to what I believe the right person; I have identified at least three different voices during the radio dialogue, the I have called: "Mission Control or Astronaut", the first voice; "Astronaut?", the second voice; and "Mission Control", the third voice):

Mission Control or Astronaut (1st voice): "Flight Go to CMF 2 SPS check SL 2 show high temp. reading [...] shows negative SPS power check indicators."
Mission Control or Astronaut (1st voice): "Okay [...] confirm that cell shut down commence emergency power down procedure."
Mission Control or Astronaut (1st voice): "Here's the check CSM 2 SPS data In the inverter we might have an explosive fuel cell problem. Stand by to shut down all fuel cells!"

[sound of explosion] 

Mission Control or Astronaut (1st voice): "Telemetry shows unusal battery one and two drain and low fuel  [...]  Stand by!"
Astronaut? (2nd voice): "Abort!"

Mission Control (3rd voice): "This is Apollo Center Launch Control, we have an emergency situation. Mission's aborted."
Mission Control or Astronaut (1st voice): "Mission aborted. Stand by for data".

Transcription of the dialogue made by Mr. W.
Thanks to his kindness.



  Inside the book by Scott L. Montgomery - Moon, Weldon Owen Pty Ltd, Australia, 2009 -  I have found a picture in which there are many details of the frontal panel of the CSM (the Command and Service Module). The image - if I am not wrong - comes from the ASM, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum [...]


L. Scantamburlo
September 23, 2009

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  L. Scantamburlo -
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