M.S.Gorbachev during the press conference at San Servolo Island
(Italy, June 2006).

Photo by L. Scantamburlo.


Media between Citizens and Power
international seminar taken place in San Servolo Island in the Venetian Lagoon (June 2006, Italy).



Geneva, November 1985

Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library.





by Luca Scantamburlo


Last June 23, during the press conference of the first day of the international seminar entitled Media between Citizens and Power taken place in San Servolo Island in the Venetian Lagoon, by the congress centre of the Venice Province, the ex Soviet premier Michail Sergeevich Gorbachev answered to some tens of national and local press correspondents. The international seminar (from 23 until 24 June 2006) was supported by the Venice Province and by the World Political Forum founded by Gorbachev.
  On that occasion I was the correspondent for the Gruppo Editoriale Olimpia, Italian publisher of the magazines Tecnologia&Difesa and UFO Notiziario, and I was able to ask leave to speak by the press conference. My question put to the great Russian politician was unusual for a statesman: it concerned some public declarations by Ronald Reagan about the possibility of ?an alien threat from outside this world? to the Earth coming from ?another planet?, eventuality that would help all the men to recognize the common bond which ?unites all the members of the humanity? (speechs in front of a high school in Maryland on December 4, 1985, and in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations during the Forty-second Session on September 21, 1987).

  During my interrogative the ex premier Gorbachev interrupted me and, referring to Reagan, said: ?Among other things he once talked about it with me as well?; so straight away I replyed: ?In Geneva, in 1985?, without denial from Gorbachev to whom I finally asked a comment about the baffling declarations released last year (September 2005) at the Toronto University by Paul Hellyer, ex Canadian Minister of Defense (see the article by Maurizio Molinari for the Italian newspaper La Stampa, November 26, 2005, page 10). Hellyer talked about the possibility of an imminent ?intergalactic war? because of that the United States of America would get ready by secret.

  Although the Gorbachev?s answer was: ?we are in a range of hypotheses? and he concentrated on ?the more serious? cometary and asteroidal threat of the so-called NEOs (against that we could use a ?reduced armament of nuclear defense?, kept only for that), his recent confirmation on a particular moment of the discussion with Reagan is remarkable.

  But why did Reagan talk to Gorbachev in private about an alien threat from other species? We were still waiting for a precise answer and some weeks ago unexpectedly we had some further details on the Genevan summit taken place in November 1985. On 29 October Fabio Fazio, an Italian presenter of RAI TRE (one of the State channels in Italy), has hosted Gorbachev during his evening show.
  The interview to the famous statesman has lasted half an hour: at the end, with a bit of embarrassament, Fabio Fazio has asked him about the discussions had with Reagan during the 1980s, with reference to the UFOs. The Italian presenter has explained to Gorbachev that someone (perhaps some spectator at home, I suppose) had written to him to know about it. Regarding my question already put to the former Soviet premier on the same subject, Gorbachev has had once again the opportunity to answer with more quiet; and moreover the question was less specific than mine. Therefore more manageable.
So the ex Soviet premier recalled that moment with seriousness: 

  Channel RAI TRE, show Che tempo che fa, 10-29-2006 ; simultaneous translation from Russian into Italian by a female voice over; the following trascription is my translation into English:

Gorbaciov: ?It was the first meeting and our conversations were very difficult. Particularly that conversation began from the fact he named me ?a very stubborn Bolshevik? and I defined him with the appellative of ?dinosaur?.

[smiling] : ?Kind. Nice..?
[ laughes and applauses from the public ].

: ?But in a couple of days we went a long way. So much to get to a conclusive document where there was written that we, the Presidents, believed the nuclear warfare was not acceptable because they would have not been winners. ?

: ?The end of Cold War, practically.?

: ?Almost. No! It still needs a little time. As regards the dialogue, at that time it was a dialogue very difficult because absolutely we could not to meet us halfway. And I remember: during a walk by the villa garden where we met the President Reagan stopped and said: - But, listen to me President Gorbachev. If now, from the Space, we were attacked, would we put ourself together? Would we joint? ? I answered to him: - I do not know what you think about but I propose to put ourself together, to joint the forces? [?]

[ applauses from the public ].  

 The recent Gorbachev?s recollection is really meaningful and confirms what Zecharia Sitchin, the well-known Russian historian who lives in New York , wrote on his essay Genesis Revisited (1991), chapter 13: it is likely that the new era of understanding, trust and co-operation was born also because there was an alien threat to all the nations of the Earth.
  And maybe it does still exist.

Luca Scantamburlo
21 November 2006

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