Luca Scantamburlo and Rami.

Luca Scantamburlo,
Italian journalist, and
Haim Ram Bar-Ilan,
Israeli designer and artist.

apollo_11_lm.jpg - Courtesy NASA

Courtesy NASA

The Eagle (LM-5) Lunar Module on the Moon (Apollo 11, 1969).
Here you are the link with the list of all Lunar Modules produced:


You will find that the LM-15, the Phoenix spacecraft according to William Rutledge, has never flown and was scrapped.
W. Rutledge knows this detail of official space history, and has pointed out in the interview
(see answer nr.13).



1579detail-Apollo15.jpg - Courtesy NASA/LPI

Detail of the AS15-M-1579  High Resolution Image, taken on Apollo 15; camera altitude: 116 km; revolution: 38; Sun Elevation: 24; Lens Focal Length: 3 inch.

Courtesy NASA/LPI


AS15-M-1333-ZOOM-rotated.jpg - Courtesy NASA/LPI

Detail of the AS15-M-1333, rotated to the left.  The crater visible in the picture is almost for sure "Izsak D", which is close to the larger Izsak crater (not visible here) 

Courtesy NASA/LPI




by Luca Scantamburlo

I am honoured to introduce you to the work by Haim Ram Bar-Ilan, the Israeli designer and artist  who  has already translated from English into Hebrew my interview to William Rutledge. You can find the interview on my website pages. See the link "interviews".

  William Rutledge, whose nickname on YouTube is "retiredafb", has been claiming his identity since last Spring 2007: a former civilian test pilot on various aircrafts, born in Belgium in 1930 and employed in the last century with Avro, Chance Vought and USAF.  In August 1976 W. Rutledge was, according his testimony granted to me in an interview, the Commander (CDR) of the Apollo 20 crew.  That secret space mission was, always according to the Rutledge's testimony, a joint US and Soviet mission that followed by just over a year the joint Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), taken place in July 1975.

  Since April 2007 W. Rutledge added on YouTube several video footages which would come from the documentation material of that mission. One of them on YouTube has the following title:<<ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover bef. landing APOLLO 20>>.  

  I have already discussed the video footage, that lasts 5 minutes and 53 seconds. At a certain point I could recognize what, in my opinion, is the western border of the Fermi crater (a walled plane). It seems that the direction of the LM-15 is from Northeast to Southwest. You can read my report entitled <<Lunar Coordinates of the Alien Spaceship and Feature of the Fermi Walled Plane>>.

   Haim Ram Bar-Ilan (nicknamed "Rami") has recently identified, in the video spread by W. Rutledge, the Lutke crater. Here you are on this web page his first-rate reconstruction of the presumed flight course of the LM-15, the Phoenix Lunar Module. It would be the last revolution before descent. And as a matter of fact, in the subtitles which go with the frames, we can read: <<[...] and below os Lutke>>. Of course "os" is a mistake: it would mean "us". The subtitles, W. Rutledge told us, were not made by him (see the interview). And, we can add, not made by an English mother tongue either.

  There are some controversial aspects in the Rutledge's testimony and material. But I am convinced that the story deserves our attention. Above all because of some difficulties I have met in doing my researches as journalist (for the moment I prefer not to spread them to the public).

  Moreover, if the Apollo 19 (mysteriously failed with "a loss of telemetry") and the Apollo 20 did take place indeed, we should be very careful because it could begin a mass psychological warfare campaign to destroy the testimony that William Rutledge gave us. If he is honest, we must remember he is risking his life, maybe. I like sharing my thoughts and considerations with some intelligent and honest people of the world: we have concluded together that because in the '70 years there was a huge and cigar-shaped object leant on the far side of the Moon, on this one piece of evidence, Natural Reason and Natural Law standing alone proves that we did go there. Thirtyone years ago, man had the capability to go there. We knew about the object from reconnaissance (by the Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 crews for sure, and perhaps even by the Soviet space probes). 

   Under Natural Law and Natural Reason, mankind had the duty, as a categorical imperative, to go there and investigate the mysterious object. You can be sure that it did happen. If it was not Apollo 20, it was some other secret space mission. And if somebody is skeptical about it, I invite him/her to read the Brookings' report, prepared in November 1960 by the Brookings Institution Washington, D.C.: <<Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Activities for Human Affairs>>, The report, prepared for NASA, was introduced to the Committe on Science and Astronautics by the House of Representatives of U.S.A. In the documents we can read:

<<[?] Historical and empirical studies of the behavior of peoples and their leaders when confronted with dramatic and unfamiliar events or social pressures. Such studies might help to provide programs for meeting and adjusting to the implications of such a discovery. Questions one might wish to answer by such studies would include: How might such information, under what cirucumstances, be presented or withheld from the public for what ends? What might be the role of the discovering scientists and other decisionmakers regarding release of the fact of discovery?>>

from pag. 216, ibidem

  So it is clear that in the past somebody suggested several approaches and strategies about the steps to do in case of discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence in our Solar System. Included the possibility to withhold the truth of such a discovery "from the public."

L. Scantamburlo
August 8, 2007



Source: the subtitles of the "ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover bef. landing APOLLO 20", video added by "retiredafb" on YouTube.

Far side of the Moon

Nose: 17.3 deg S, 117.62 deg E;

Cockpit: 17.25 deg S, 117.62 deg E;

Base: 17.20 deg S, 117.62 deg E;

  Are the coordinates right? Were they given inverted? The longitude is coherent with the position of the huge object (approximately 4 km long, according to the subtitles of the YouTube video added by "retiredafb" (W. Rutledge). The problem is with the latitude: not with the latitude data, but with their reference to the major parts of the presumed "alien spaceship". Because we can see the base of the object is to the South of the nose, we should have, in my opinion, their reversal.  It would be helpful to listen the original radio communication. 

  The marks for the CSM DSKY are from the transcription of the presumed dialogues between the Apollo 20 CDR and the Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Phoenix  crew members, according to the "retiredafb"'s testimony, were A. Leonov and W. Rutledge. The base of the "alien spaceship" (the huge object shown in the image) is buried.

L. Scantamburlo
August 8, 2007

LM15-FlightCourse by RAMI, (C) 2007

Research By L. Scantamburlo - Design by R. Bar-Ilan 2007 - Thanks to YouTube

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