An increase of celestial phenomena till 2012: warning by William Rutledge - "retiredafb" on YouTube - in a private message to
Luca Scantamburlo 
(YouTube Account/General Messages, July 01, 2007)





Strange light reflections coming from the lunar surface of the backside of the Moon: AS13-60-8608 is an image taken by Apollo 13 crew (70mm Hasselblad). The following frame (AS13-60-8609) and the former one, are both visible by Lunar and Planetary Institute website, but the two image seem have been rotated and they have a low quality if you - for instance - compare them to the image AS13-60-8608 available by the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum website.
It has a much higher resolution and it is easy to find it; check at

 You cannot use it without written permission, so that's why I do not reproduce it here


In April 1997 - during an interview with Art Bell - Malachi Martin warned the American public about what it could be going on in Space in the following years

Mars in an image taken by the Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC)

Photo Credit:
NASA/JPL/Malin Space
Science Systems




by Luca Scantamburlo

Who is William Rutledge, a.k.a. "retiredafb" on YouTube? Now - after several articles and reports I wrote in the last months - I feel it is important to speak out about some revelations made by William Rutledge during last summer 2007.
Of course at the same time it is mandatory to provide an evidence of what I am talking, otherwise I guess it would be hard for the public to believe me. That's why I have decided to spread again a snapshot of our past private messages (censured by me in some points) taken place through my YouTube Account/General Messages. See the picture in this page.

  Up to now we have not yet enough evidence to prove he was a former test pilot involved in some secret space mission with USAF. Since April 2007 on YouTube he gave out 13 videos: some of them are contaminated with audio from other space missions (Apollo 11 and 15). Two of them (referred to the so-called video of the "City") are well done fake, made using some official NASA pictures from Apollo 17 mission. But again I ask you: what about the footage in which we can see an ingress of some unknown presumed astronauts without the classic American flag on their spacesuit? And what can we say about the huge cigar-shaped object he indicated? It is a reality, resting on the far side of the Moon. And what about the alleged historical facts- not known by public - he provided us in the interview he granted me at the end of May 2007?



  Besides, as an engineer from South America reminded me, we must remember that the Apollo 13 crew took some oustanding pictures  of the far side of the Moon: some of them (AS13-60-8608 and AS13-60-8609 images) show a strange light reflection coming from the lunar surface: it seems there is something of unusual there. Years ago Richard Hoagland already discussed the lunar anomaly (see It could be that the videos of the "City" spread by "retiredafb" on YouTube are just a catalyst to draw media and public attention, and to remember what was already known among the highest levels of NASA and USAF.

  You can read on the subject an excellent article - <<Huston, We Have Another Problem>> - written in 2003 by Steve Troy (, in which he uses the expression "Cube" to investigate the two photographs. Troy contacted and worked with Hoagland. Think about to this statement by Steve Troy:
<<<[...] These two photographs proved to be a classibreveal that this area was a veritable "goldmine" of glass artifacts>>

  And you might surprise about the location of that lunar anomaly. Why? For two reasons:

1) William Rutledge never gave us the coordinates of the so-called "City", and the "Cube" is not so far from Tsiolkovsky crater and near Fermi walled plane;

2) he mentioned the "City" as "station one" in the Apollo 20 schedule (see the interview to William Rutledge, answer nr.17) . So it means that it has a priority for some reasons, or it was just because of its discovery date: made before of the discovery of the cigar-shaped object close to "Izsak D" crater (Apollo 15, 1971).

  Moreover, because of a deep knowledge of space flight and of past space exploration which William Rutledge proved to us, we should keep our mind open about his controversial testimony.

  The main reasons which pushed me now to speak out about his revelation on year 2012, are what recently happened in Bangladesh (do you remember the dramatic floods caused last November 2007 by the powerful Cyclone Sidr?) and what is going on in space, since the sudden outburst of the comet P-17 Holmes, at the end of October 2007.



<<About 2012, i was awared like others, that a major problem could occur during the 2012 year, that some entire countries like Bengladesh and Indonesia, could be flooded. Starting from September 2007, many celestial phenomenons should be visible, it will be increasing till 2012. [...]>>

July 01, 2007, 01:50 PM
from "retiredafb's message" to Luca Scantamburlo's YouTube account

  In this context do not dwell too much on the mistakes made by Rutledge writing in English (we have already discussed them in the interview). First of all: pay attention to the date of the message: July 1st, 2007; moreover, pay attention to his warning: he indicated the date of September 2007 as the beginning of an increase of celestial phenomena.




What happened in space since September 2007? We can give a look to the mass media recent news:

1) at the end of October (between October 23 and 24) because of unknown reasons, the small Comet P-17 Holmes became very bright, changing his brightness by a factor of million, reaching a magnitudine of 2.7: it was visible by naked eye (it looks like a star) in the Constellation Perseus, near Cassiopeia, and its sudden outburst is still a mystery for the astronomers; an impact with something from the outer space or just jets of particles from the core?

2) a not well known comet - the Boethin, about a mile in diameter and discovered in 1975 - is suddenly vanished; read about the New York Times article:
  <<A Comet Is Missing, So Spacecraft Will Go to NASA?s Next Choice>> 
  by HENRY FOUNTAIN, Published on December 18, 2007

3)  an asteroid recently discovered - known as 2007 WD5 - could hit Mars next January 2008: read about the CNN news: <<Astronomers: Asteroid could hit Mars in January>>, published on December 21, 2007;

The Rutledge's testimony about 2012 could be, in my opinion, connected to what Malachi Martin (1921? 1999) - an eminent theologian and a former Jesuit who worked by the Holy See from 1958 to 1964 - told as guest to Art Bell radio talk show (Coast to Coast AM), in April 1997, during a discussion about the VATT (Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope) and his purposes:

<< [...] Knowledge of what is going on in space and of what is approaching us could be of great import in next 5 - 10 years.>>

  Martin's statement from an interview with Art Bell on April 5th, 1997. You can listen Malachi Martin's voice at the following link:

 Art Bell is the creator of Coast to Coast AM (now with George Noory, check, radio talk show in the United States which deals with several topics, but especially with UFOs and paranormal.


  To conclude I think that William Rutledge - whoever he is, a former test pilot or an impostor - is a remarkable person who deserves our attention. He looks like - because of his statements and forecasts - at the center of a leak of information from the insiders world. I think we should be indebted to him.
  And if we consider the recent baffling declarations by some Japanese politicians - about UFOs and the possible implications of an extraterrestrial visitation or presence on Earth - could not be a mere coincidence. We have to remember that from the Tanegashima Space Center the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), on September 14 (Japan Standard Time, JST),  sent the SELENE "Kaguya" space probe, <<the most sophisticated lunar exploration mission in the post-Apollo era>> (from the JAXA documentation, pdf files).  In this context SELENE means SELenological & ENgineering Explorer.

  Can you imagine what kind of pictures and videos SELENE can get back, from the mysterious far side of the Moon? For sure classified at the moment. The Japanese politicians who spoke in front of the press about possible extraterrestrial intelligence and UFOs did that as private citizens, but they have showed anyway that at least one country is already ready and enough wise to deal with new challenges for all mankind.

L. Scantamburlo
December 27, 2007

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