lineSolway Firth Spaceman, 1964, photograph by Jim Templeton - Source: Michael Ian Black -  Jim Templeton, 1964

Scanned image from an original print of the Jim Templeton's photograph  
taken on 23 May, 1964,
Cumbria (United Kingdom)
Photo Credit: Jim Templeton, 1964

Reproduction for educational purposes (fair use)
Source and kind permission of 
"Michael Ian Black"

An elargement of the mysterious "Spaceman" behind the Elizabeth Templeton's head - photo by J. Templeton, 1964, UK -  Jim Templeton, 1964

An elargement of the mysterious  "spaceman", behind
the Elizabeth Templeton's head

Elaboration of the elargement of the Solway Firth Spaceman's head; by Luca Scantamburlo- software used: Gimp Editor and

From the original print of the photograph taken
by Jim Templeton in 1964 provided by
"Michael Ian Black".
The details of the helmet and
of the head of the
Solway Firth Spaceman
are clearly visible. 
There are also visible the features
of a circular object located
on the solar plexus of the figure.

by Luca Scantamburlo

Software used:
Gimp Editor and


One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

Some of the pictures by
"Michael Ian Black",
got out of
Jim Templeton's photograph:
it is visible a typical
alien countenance.
Michael Ian Black, 2014



by Luca Scantamburlo


In the late May 1964 a British firefighter by the name of Jim Templeton (13 February 1920 - 27 November 2011) took some pictures of his daughter Elizabeth, while she was picking flowers on the grass. The pictures were taken on Burgh Marsh, an area located near Burgh by Sands, overlooking the Solway Firth in Cumbria, in England. One of these pictures - later on developed by a photographers' laboratory - became very famous in the world under the expression of The Solway Firth Spaceman (or else the The Cumberland Spaceman). Who is the strange man dressing what appears a white space suit and which is visible behind the head of Templeton's child? The camera that J. Templeton used that day was a Contax F SLR with a Kodak colour film. Templeton - from Carlisle - was an amateur photographer and a local historian. He was also a veteran of WWII.
For sure some of you could ask me why I am talking about Jim Templeton and his notorious photograph. The reason is the following: a few weeks ago (at the beginning of May 2014) I began receiving some e-mails from an anonymous individual who used to sign his letters as "Michael Ian Black" (M.I.B.). He explained to me this is not his real name but just a pseudonym he likes. What I have understood until now, it is that he would not be an insider (that is a whistleblower) but just a curious person who wants helping the general public to understand better what there is behind the scenes of the UFO phenomenon, and helping to identify possible evidence of the alien presence in the Solar System and particularly on Earth. He choosed me in Internet because of my former involvement as journalist with the Apollo 19/20 disclosure, for which I became much more known in the international ufological community after my investigation on the "Secretum Omega" case.
Among the points he touched during our last contacts there is what he recently found out analyzing the so-called spaceman's head, behind the five years old daughter of Jim Templeton. My contact told me that he has <<discovered something that will turn the world uspide down and [...]>> and that he needs someone <<to get the information out there>>
in the last years nobody has been able - so far - to debunk this image. That's true, the photograph taken by Jim Templeton is genuine and not retouched, in spite of many researchers and experts are persuaded that the mysterious figure standing behind Elizabeth Templeton would be her mother, or rather Jim Templeton's wife, and not a spaceman coming from another planet. 
When I saw for the first time the pictures that my contact M.I.B. (Michael Ian Black) sent me by emails, I kindly asked him to summarize the steps he had done with his software. He explained to me that he used <<the Gimp Image editor for the Linux system And all I have done to the image is>> zooming up and changing contrast brightness hue etc, <<and inverted the image a few times to negative it's a simple easy process that I can't believe no one else has bothered applying to the original Solway Firth Spaceman photograph.>> 
My contact's opinion is that in the photograph taken by the British fireman there is <<a genuine Alien caught on camera in 1964 wearing no a space suit but a suit that made him invisible to the naked eye. [...] Luca this will change the world and our understanding of our very own solar system>>.
This is an explanation which sounds rather logical and possible. Of course from the very beginning I was very surprised but not still convinced, so I kindly asked him once again to be more precised in expounding his steps done with the Gimp Editor. Moreover, I asked him what is the source of the image he has used. He told me that he used a scanned image from an original print of the Jim Templeton's photograph he got from a British ufologist, R.K., (he told me his name and surname but I prefer mentioning just his initials for privacy reasons).
Here you are step by step what is necessary to do to isolate the details of the spaceman face:

- first enhance the head and shoulders of the spaceman using zoom
- adjust the brightness and contrast until it looks like this adjust brightness down contrast up;
- invert the image and adjust brightness right down and adjust contrast;
- as you can see the head is already starting to appear then from here you will have to adjust hue brightness contrast; just play about with the image keep inverting etc don't let the bright patch on the right handside of the helmet get any bigger as you will lose the facial features because of the reflection;
-  as you can see by playing with the filters it starts to make the head standing out

"Michael Ian Black" told me that he took him <<72 hours to define all the features>> of the spaceman, so it not so easy to summarize all the steps required to point out the features of the "alien" head visible inside the helmet. He worked on an original print from the negative of the Solway Firth Image taken by Jim Templeton, and only on the original image his analysis - he said to me - shows greater details of the aliens suit.

About the dimensions of the head, my contact M.I.B. commented: 

<< [...] the head looks too small for the helmet? Now this can be answered quite simply by the fact we are not seeing the whole of his head because half of the left hand portion of his face is in that glow. I did the best I could to get as much of his face as possible working around that bright patch on the helmet right hand side. The bright patch itself is in fact a dark patch in the normal image but because I have inverted the image the dark patch has turned into that glow. Where the alien's head is in the helmet look to the left that light at the left is where the sunlight has penetrated the visor and is passing behind his head and is then been reflected back into the helmet off the visor this is why the dark patch on the right handside is darker it is doing its job and is reacting to sunlight; i.e. going darker when sunlight hits it. What happens when sunlight hits tinted windows the windows react to the light by becoming darker same for sunglasses same principal applies to that dark patch on the helmet original photo>>

But my contact did not only discovered an alien face inside the helmet, but also <<a circular object on the front of this spaceman suit>>. This further feature - according to me - should dismiss the possibility that the strange figure in white can be a woman, for example Jim Templeton's wife. For decades and until his death Jim Templeton - amazed at the photograph - maintained his account: there was nobody behind his daughter at the moment of the photograph's click. Here you are - as text - the investigation carried out by "Michael Ian Black", my source of information. There was nobody in the visible light perceivable by human eyes. "Michael Ian Black" is convinced that the "space suit" was a sort of suit projected for optic camouflage. The reader should bear in mind this possibility. it is a case worthy of remembrance and the solution promoted by my contact is quite logical in my opinion. Moreover, the images from the original print that you can see, are self-evident.


Jim Templeton's Photograph
Location: The Solway Firth, Cumbria
Year: 1964

Investigation completed: 19/05/2014
By Michael Ian Black

There have been many investigations into The Solway Firth Spaceman image captured by Jim
Templeton in 1964. I have read many theories on this subject; the strongest of these theories was the fact that the spaceman was Annie Templeton, Jim's wife, stood behind Elizabeth and that the camera was trying to focus on Elizabeth in the foreground causing Annie Templeton in the background to white out creating the appearance of a spaceman and this is exactly what I set out to verify; unfortunately it soon became apparent that theory was about to be sunk. After studying this image and using a bit of out of the box thinking I can safely say that the theory of a camera whiteout is a load of nonsense as you will see. 

Jim Templeton background
I'm not going to go into great detail of Jim's life as many others out there have done a much better job of listing Jim's early life. I would just like to point a few things out regarding Jim: one of which is he gained the rank of Seargent while in the Army, he then left the military and became a firefighter in his home town; he also joined the Saint John's Ambulance Brigade and helped out the local parish. This doesn't sound like a man who would make up such an unbelievable story nor the sort of man who would put his family through so much ridicule from friends family and neighbors. If anything the man was of sound character and i wouldn't have thought the sort of bloke to lie?

Jim Templeton's Hobby
Jim was an amateur photographer and on that day in 1964 he used a SLR camera with Kodak colour film x set this type of color film would have made it hard for Jim to process himself unlike the old black and white photographs that most photographers could develop in a dark room, which leads me on to another discrepancy on the image itself; there are rather a few scratch marks on the image. This I believe to be caused by Jim's long fingernails while making copies of the image. On the image the scratches are evenly set apart near enough which indicates that the negative on processing was picked up using 3 fingers and a thumb, as Jim said himself he took the film to his local chemist and they sent them off to be processed. Now if I can recall back to my youth before all this iphone business you took your holiday snaps to the chemist they sent them off you called back a couple of days later and voila photographs and the NEGATIVES. So if Jim was to fake this he would have to have created a negative from the film within his camera then spliced his negative and stuck it all back together to be sent of for processing? 

The Spaceman
The spaceman himself is an interesting figure once you start to see the different objects on his clothing. At one point I was convinced Jim Templeton had stuck some sort of space action figure behind his daughters head, so just to eliminate that theory I have studied every bloody dan dare comic book and dan dare toy from the era and other space related action figures from the 1950's up to the day that image was taken in 1964, and guess what no where have I been able to locate such a figure with the distinct helmet and hood with a circular clasp, nor have I found one with the circular object with what looks like a light of some description located on the solar plexus as shown on my images of the spaceman, nor have I been able to locate a figure with all the above and the face that I found within the space mans helmet as my images have shown you. Which leads me nicely back to Jim Tampering with the film, If Jim had somehow etched or carved this onto the negative or film he would have had to have a really steady hand and he must have been the Picasso of photographic film hoaxing as the details on the Solway Firth Space mans face are outstanding. Then we have the sunlight: how did Jim Templeton fake the reflection of the sun on a dark visor back into the helmet?
In the image sunlight is coming from the left as observed by the shadows cast by Elizabeth, so picture if you will a helmet with dark visor sunlight is hitting the visor from the left the visor has allowed the sun to pass through it and behind the spaceman's head where it has then reflected back inside the helmet off the dark glass partially lighting up the left hand side of the visitors face hence the bright glow on the right hand side of the helmet.

Men In Black
Now to add even more twist to a truly bizarre tale, Jim Templeton was working his shift at the Firehouse when the bell rang and 2 men dressed in black suits driving a black Jaguar car, asked Jim to take them to the spot he had photographed the spaceman. When they got there the Men In Black asked about the 2nd spaceman. Obviously Mr Templeton didn't have a clue what they were on about that's when the Woomera connection came about. Woomera Australia was the launch site for for a new British ballistic missile called blue streak incidentally the missiles were made not far from where Jim Templeton took his picture on the Solway Firth. The missiles were being manufactured at RAF Spade Adam, in England, about 25 miles East from Burgh Marsh on the English/Scottish border. The blue streak missile test on the 23rd of May 1964 had to be aborted because on launch control cctv 2 spacemen wearing identical outfits to Jim Templeton's spaceman appeared at the side of the rocket mid launch, although they could be seen on cctv cameras they couldn't be seen with the naked eye. Most recently Australian journalists have asked to view the blue streak launch cctv footage, only to be told it's gone missing. Make of that what you will.

The Space Suit
When looking at this image we automatically think this is a space suit because of the helmet and that it looks like a space suit. My own theory on this is that these suits are not for breathing purposes but are for stealth purposes, much like the S.A.S when they go into combat they first recon the area using stealth to identify any hostile targets. These suits I believe to be some sort of optic camouflage suit that must have some sort of refresh rate that both cctv cameras and the SLR camera Jim used caught mid refresh due to their refresh rate and shutter speeds, or the other possibility is that these Alien visitors have studied Human beings and they know our eyes can only see certain spectra of light and that if they surrounded themselves in that light it would make them invisible to the naked human eye. This is also another possible reason for the behavior of the animals on Solway Firth that day: according to Jim Templeton the cows and sheep were acting strange and had moved away from the area he was in as though something had spooked them. Maybe they could see what we humans couldn't? 

Personal thoughts on the Image
If Jim Templeton was telling the truth and this all happened as he says, it did and I personally have no doubt that what Jim experienced was not of his making. Then that would mean Jim Templeton was the 1st man to photograph another living being from another planet and i believe it my duty to prove this man right as Jim Templeton should go down in the History books let alone the UFO history books for sticking to his guns, I can sympathize with what he must have gone through I presented my findings to a select few and I was nearly lynched by the "Look at the arm you can tell it's someone with their back to the camera with their hand on their hip" mob who if they opened their eyes before engaging their brain might get better results. How does anyone know that the hand is on the hip you can't see the hand on the hip for all you know his arms could be six foot long dragging on the floor. The only explanation I have for the arm is it's reaching from the left across to the right and is been brought up like you would if you were pulling a pistol or sword out your holster/sheath from the right hip and then flicking the wrist to get it to point straight. I think he may have been caught in that type of action. Maybe he thought Jim Templeton had seen him and was reaching for a weapon?

The images and negatives were tested by police forensic photographers
The images and negatives were tested by Kodak forensic experts
Jim Templeton was of sound mind and character and the fact he didn't make millions punting his story and putting his family through the whole ordeal 

The Woomera connection
The Men In Black connection
The Spaceman Himself and connection to Woomera Spacemen
The Spaceman's Face now confirmed in the original image

What Jim Templeton photographed that day was certainly not from around these green and pleasant lands. I believe Jim Templeton happened to be in the wrong place at the right time and has had to live with this all his life not knowing who or what or why this Spaceman appeared in his image. it's just a shame I couldn't present my findings. 

"Michael Ian Black"
May 2014

There are many articles about this controversial story and testimony. I suggest to the public to read the article written by David Clarke & Andy Roberts (published by Fortean Times 286, April 2012, see <<The Solway Spaceman photograph>>, and published by DR. DAVID CLARKE, FOLKLORE AND JOURNALISM) - and the research by Dave Armitage, <<The ?Real? Solway Firth Spaceman>>.

After reading these articles - to have a better idea and another point of view - the reader should understand why I consider the investigation carried out by my contact M.I.B. so important and crucial.
Here you are some of the astonishing pictures coming from the "Michael Ian Black"'s analysis of the Jim Templeton's photograph taken in May 1964: the Solway Firth Spaceman shows - inside the helmet - a typical alien countenance.

Luca Scantamburlo
June 02, 2014  

Reproduction is allowed on the Web if accompanied by the statement
  L. Scantamburlo -
Reproduced by permission.


In the following pictures, you can see "the space suit" and "the helmet";
the Michael Ian Black's theory is that these suits are not for breathing purposes
but are for stealth purposes.

Pictures - got with the Gimp Image editor for the Linux system -
by "Michael Ian Black" 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

In the following pictures you can see the circular object with what looks like
a light of some description, located on the solar plexus of the spaceman.

Pictures - got with the Gimp Image editor for the Linux system -
by "Michael Ian Black" 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

One of the pictures by "Michael Ian Black", got out of Jim Templeton's photo, 1964 -  "Michael Ian Black", 2014

Reproduction is allowed on the Web if accompanied by the statement
  L. Scantamburlo -
Reproduced by permission.

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