line_sx2.gifLuca Scantamburlo at San Servolo Island, Jun 2006, Italy

Luca Scantamburlo as journalist, correspondent from
San Servolo Island (Venice)
for the Italian magazines

UFO Notiziario

(June 2006.)

LUCA SCANTAMBURLO, an Italian freelance writer/photographer

(Italy, 1974)

freelance writer, member of the

Free Lance International Press (Rome, FLIP)

and of

International Association of Press Photographers (Miami, IAPP)

and of

Reporters sans frontières (Paris, IAPP)


Luca Scantamburlo - Italian freelancer, born in 1974 - earned a diploma in 1993 as industrial chemical technician; in July 2006 he took an Arts degree at the Venetian "Ca'Foscari University" with a thesis in bioethics entitled <<The Humanity of Tomorrow in the Science-fiction Prefiguration. From the Generation of Man to the Technical Production of the Machine-Man>>.
In April 2008 he also earned a diploma of Master in Communication and not verbal languages, by the same Venetian university. He is a freelance writer who lives and works in Italy as clerk in the hospitality sector.  Since 2006 he is a member of the Italian association Free Lance International Press (FLIP, Rome), and since 2012 of the International Association of Press Photographers (IAPP, Miami) and a member of Reporters sans frontières (Paris).

In English language his main title is Apollo 20. The Disclosure, published with, Lulu Press, Inc., 2010 (USA). In Italian language he has published several essays - as self-publishing author - about the controversial Planet X quest and the myth of Nibiru.

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I cannot guarantee an answer to everybody, but I always try to read every e-mail and letter I receive. Thanks in advance for your comprehension.

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