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Apollo 20. The Disclosure


L. Scantamburlo, Lulu Press, Inc., Lulu Enterprises, Inc.,
USA, January 2010, First Edition
ISBN 978-1-4452-7397-6
pages 191, B/W
Language: ENGLISH

Apollo 20. The Disclosure, by Luca Scantamburlo,, Lulu Enterprises, Inc., USA, January 2010, first edition



  Since April 2007, a whistleblower by the name of "retiredafb" has been shocking the general public with its disclosure: footages and comments posted on YouTube and He claims to be William Rutledge, and the Apollo 20 Commander for the USAF (August 1976).
Luca Scantamburlo - ex journalist - has interviewed him and another YouTube user ("moonwalker1966delta") who claims to be a former NASA astronaut, and the Apollo 19 Commander (February 1976).
Did these presumed secret joint US/USSR space missions take place indeed? The targets would have been some lunar anomalies, on the far side of the Moon.
  The opinion of the Author is this amazing story contains some kernels of truth, behind the controversial strategy of disclosure (video fakes and misleading data are present). In the book there are the reasons for his opinion, the chronology of his research (with his Web articles already published), the interviews with the two alleged Commanders, and some revelations never published before.


<< I can?t begin to find enough kind words to express my deep appreciation and admiration for Luca Scantamburlo and his fine literary effort ?The American Armageddon.? His dedication in uncovering one of the major secrets of our time is only matched by his courage and bravery in addressing one of the most closely guarded secrets of the past century.>>

R. O. Dean,
The American Armageddon
, page 8,, May 2009

U.S. Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean  Robert O. Dean, retired after 27 years spent in the U.S Army

from the foreword by Robert O. Dean written for Luca Scantamburlo's Italian essay by the title of

The American Armageddon.

whose subtitle, translated into English, is
From the Eisenhower's Secret to the Discovery of Planet X



L. Scantamburlo, Lulu Press, Inc., Lulu Enterprises, Inc.,
USA, May 2009, Second Edition
ISBN 978-1-4092-8120-7
pages 259
Language: ITALIAN

Foreword by Robert O. Dean

On the cover, A tribute to Pioneer 10: an illustration by the Author (flyby of a space probe)

The American Armageddon, by L. Scantamburlo, second edition,, 2009, full cover



  What is there behind the expressions ?Secretum Omega? and ?Cosmic Top Secret?? What is the cause for the orbital anomalies found out on Uranus and Neptune motions, since the end of 19th century? And what is the main reason for the global warming, whic has been affecting almost every planet of the Solar System?
This essay by Luca Scantamburlo points out the above questions, discussing Zecharia Sitchin's research, Immanuel Velikovsky' study, and the recent Cristoforo Barbato's inquiry. It is also discussed the Burak Eldem's interpretation of god-planet Marduk. Eldem is the Turkish journalist author of 2012: Marduk'la Randevu (2012: Rendez-vous With Marduk), book published in Instanbul in 2003 and not available in English yet.
 C. Barbato is a courageous Italian freelancer ? and a former editor in chief for an Italian national magazine in Rome - who told in year 2005 to the general public about the so-called ?Jesuit Footage?, presumed evidence of involvement of Vatican City in the intelligence world and in deep space exploration, through its intelligence agency: the S.I.V, according to Barbato's source, who later on revealed to him his identity. The young Italian was also able to check his credentials. Of course now he has been protecting his identity.
  The whistleblower called himself ?a Vatican insider? ? belonging to the Jesuit Order -and was in contact with the Italian freelancer since the year 2000, providing him information that seem classified at highest levels.
  The Jesuit footage is a short VHS  film - an editing about 2 minutes long - sent to Barbato by post in year 2000; the footage would show infrared shooting of the Tenth Planet, in deep space, carried out by the secret space probe ?Siloe? sent in the '90s by S.I.V., in collaboration with Lockheed Martin.

  Is the Planet X the Sumerian god Neberu, adored by Sumerians thousands of years ago? According to the above Jesuit priest member of the SIV, the answer is yes, and some events which will involve all the creatures of the Earth, are happening in a future close to us. That's why he was in charge for the unofficial leak of information, supported by some of his colleagues.
  The S.I.V. would be the ?Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano?, the Vatican Intelligence Services. As the matter of fact, Barbato found an important evidence of this structure on the historical essay Ratlines, written by John Loftus and Mark Aarons.

  So, The American Armageddon is a book which drives the reader on a research path about our civilization birth, from the ancient Mesopotamia up till now, dwelling on the mysterious President Eisenhower night absence, in February 1954, and above all on the vexata quaestio of Planet X.
  The Planet X has been a scientific controversy for many years, until the death of dr. Robert Sutton Harrington, a former astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory, who died in January 1993 and officially because of a cancer.

L. Scantamburlo

May 9, 2009


L. Scantamburlo, Lulu Press, Inc., Lulu Enterprises, Inc.,
USA, 2009, First Edition
ISBN 978-1-4092-5556-7

The American Armageddon - by Luca Scantamburlo,, Lulu Enterprises, Inc., USA, First Edition, 2009

UPDATE (May 31, 2009)
The title of the typescript was announced to the general public for the first time on the pages of the Italian magazine UFO Notiziario (not on the number 64, August-September 2006 - as I had written - but on the number 65, October-November 2006, see the page 43 of my report <<Ulteriori indizi sul Secretum Omega>>, which in English means "Further Clues on Secretum Omega").

(In Italian language)


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