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1. 1. In this section the information to the angelismarriti modalities of management are contained of in reference to the treatment of the data of the angelismarriti customers/users.
2. 2. It anticipates informative has value also to the aims of art. the 13 of the Italian law D.Lgs n. 196/2003, Code in matter of protection of the personal data, and to the aims of article 13 of EU-GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) nr. 2016/679, relative to the protection of the customers/users with regard to the treatment of the personal data let alone to the free circulation of such data, for the subjects that interact with angelismarriti and he is approachable to the address correspondent to the initial page:
3. 3. The informative one is only returned for angelismarriti and not also for other sites web eventually consulted from the customer through link in it contained.
4. 4. Aim of anticipates document is to supply indications approximately the modalities, the times and the nature of the information that the holders of the treatment must supply to the customers/users at the moment of the login to the angelismarriti website pages, independently from the aims of the same, second connection the Italian and European legislation.
5. 5. The informative one can endure modifications because of the introduction of new norms with regard to, invites therefore the customer to control periodically anticipates page.
6. 6. If the customer/user is below the age of 16 years old, according to the art.8, c.1 EU-GDPR Regulaton 2016/679, will have to legitimize its consent through the authorization of the parents or of whom stands for them (the holder of parental responsability).


1 - To title of the Data
1. 1. The holder of the treatment is the legal natural person or, the public authority, the service or other organism who, singularly or with to others, determine the purposes and means of the treatment of personal data. One takes care also of the profiles on safety.
 2. 2. Relatively to the holder of the treatment anticipates situated web is: Luca Scantamburlo, and for every clarification or exercise of the rights of the customer will be able to contact it to the following address mail:, info

2 - In charge of the treatment given
1. 1. In charge of the treatment she is the legal natural person or, the public authority, the personal service or other given organism that draft on behalf of the holder of the treatment.
2. 2. According to article 28 of the EU-GDPR Regulation nr. 2016/679, on nomination of the holder of the data, in charge of the treatment of the angelismarriti data of the website is: Luca Scantamburlo.

3 - Place treatment given

1. 1. The treatment of the data generated from I use it of angelismarriti happens near Via F. Barbiero 130-D cap 31021 Mogliano Veneto (Treviso), Italy.

2. 2. In case of necessity, the data connected to the service newsletter can be dealt from in charge of the treatment or the fine subjects from it charged to such near the relative center.


1 - Type of Cookies
1. 1. The website angelismarriti uses cookies in order to return the experience of navigation of the easier and intuitive customer: the cookies are small strings of text used in order to memorize some information that can regard the customer/user, its preferences or the device of access to Internet (computers, tablets or smartphones) and are used mainly in order to more adapt to the operation of the site to the expectations of the customer, offering a experience of personalized navigation and memorizing the choices carried out previously.
 2. 2. A cookie consists in reducing with of transferred data to the browser of the customer from a server web and can be read only from the server that has carried out the transfer. Draft of executable code and is not transmitted virus.
 3. 3. The cookies with some personal information and the eventual identifiable data will not be memorized. If one desires, it is possible to prevent to the rescue of some or all the cookie. However, in this case  use it of the site and of the offered services it could turn out some compromise. In order to proceed without to modify the relative options to the cookies, is sufficient to continue with navigation.
Below the types of cookies which consent the use:

2 - Technical Cookies

1. There are numerous used technologies in order to conserve information in the computer of the customer, than then collections from the sites come. Between these the most known and used it is that of cookies the HTML. They serve for navigation and in order to facilitate the access and the visit of the site from the customer. They are necessary to the transmission of communications on net electronic that is to the supplier in order to distribute the service demanded from the customer.
2. The formulations in order to manage or to disable the cookies can vary according to used the Internet browser. In any case, the customer can manage or demand the general deactivation or the cancellation of the cookies, modifying the formulations of own Internet browser. Such deactivation can slow down or to prevent the access to some you leave of the site.
3. The use of cookies technical allows the sure and efficient visit of the site.
4. The cookies that they are inserted in the browser and which rebroadcast by means of Google Analytics or through the service statistics of similar bloggers or technical only if they are used to fine of optimization of the site directly the holder of the same site, that it will be able to collect information in form aggregated on the number of the customers and on as these visit the site. To these conditions, for the cookies analytics they are worth the same rules, in informative topic of and consent, previewed for the cookies technical.
5. From the point of view of the duration they can be distinguished cookies temporary of session that is cancelled automatically to the term of the navigation session and serves in order to identify the customer and therefore to avoid the login to every visited page and those permanent ones that remains active in the PC until expiration or cancellation from the customer.
6. They could be installed cookies of session to the aim to allow the access and the permanence in the restricted area of the portal like authenticated customer.
7. They are not memorized in persistent way but exclusively for the duration of navigation until the closing of the browser and vanish with the closing of the same one. Their use closely is limited to the transmission of identification of session constituted by generated accidental numbers from the server necessary in order to allow the sure and efficient exploration of the site.

3 - Cookies of third parts
1. In relation to the origin the cookies are distinguished directly sent to the browser from the site that is being visited and those of third parts sent to the computer from other sites and do not give what it is being visited.
2. The permanent cookies are often cookies of third parts.
3. The majority of the cookies of third parts is constituted by cookies of tracking used in order to characterize the behavior online, to understand the interests and therefore to personalize the advertising proposals for the customers.
4. They could be installed cookies of third analytical parts. They are sent by dominions of foretold third external parts to the site.
5. The cookies analytical of third parts the angelismarriti are employed in order to find information on the behavior of customers on. The survey happens in anonymous form, to the aim to monitor the performances and to improve the performance of the site. The profiling cookies of third parts they are used in order to create relative profiles to the customers, to the aim to propose advertising messages online with the choices manifested from the same customers.
6. I use of these cookies is disciplined by the rules managed from the third same parts, therefore, the customers invite themselves to take vision of informative the privacy and the indications in order to manage or to disble the cookies published in the relative pages web.


1 - Given modalities treatment
1. As all the sites web also anticipate ago situated use of log files in which information are conserved collections in automated way during the visits of the customers. The information collections could be the following ones:
- address Internet Protocol;
 (IP)- type of browser and parameters of the used device in order to connect itself to the site;
- name of the service Internet provider;
 (ISP)- date and timetable of visit;
- page web of origin of the visitor (referral) and of escape;
- eventually the click number.
2. The aforesaid information are dealt in automated form and collections in form exclusively aggregated to the aim to verify the correct operation of the site, and for reasons of safety. Such information will be dealt based on legitimize interests of the holder.
3. To fine of safety (filters antiSpam, firewalls, survey virus), the automatically recorded data can eventually comprise also given personal like IP address, that it could be used, in compliance with the enforced laws in matter, the aim to block attempts of damaging to the same site or to bring damage to other harmful or constituent customers, or however activities crime. Such data never are not used for the identification or the profilazione of the customer, but only to fine of protection of the site and its customers, such information will be dealt based on legitimize interests of the holder.
4. In case the site allows the insertion of comments, or in case of specific services demanded from the customer, comprised the possibility there to send the Curriculum vitae for an eventual working relationship, the site it finds automatically and it records some of identification data of the customer, comprised the address mail. Such data agree voluntarily supplied from the customer at the moment of the demand for distribution of the service. Inserting a comment or other information the customer chip ax express informative the privacy, and in particular agrees that the inserted contents are diffuse liberations also to third party. The data received will be used exclusively for the distribution of the demanded service and for the single necessary time for the supply of the service.
5. The information that the customers of the site will consider to return through the services and the instruments which put on of the same ones public, are supplied by the customer aware and voluntarily, exempting it anticipates situated from any responsibility in merit to eventual violations of the laws. It is up to the customer to verify of having the permissions for the breaking in of personal data of third party or protected contents from the national and international norms.

2 - Given purposes of the treatment
1. The data collected from the site during its operation are used for indicated purpose over and the following purposes:
2. The conservation of the data will be carried out for the closely necessary period to the attainment of the indicated and however not advanced purpose over to 5 years.
3. The data used to fine of safety (block attempts of damaging of the site) are conserved for the closely necessary time to the attainment of the aim front indicated.

3 - Data supplied from the customer
1. As mentioned above indicated, optional, explicit and voluntary the shipment of e-mail to the addresses indicated on this site involves the successive acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary in order to answer to the demands, let alone of eventual the other inserted personal data in the missive.
2. Informative detailed lists of synthesis will come progressively brought back or visualized in the pages of the site managed for details services on request.

4 - Support in the configuration of own browser
1. The customer can manage the cookie also through the formulations of its browser. However, cancelling the cookies from the browser he could remove the preferences that have set up for the site.
2. For further information and support is possible also to visit the specific page of aid of the web browser that is being used:

- Internet Explorer:
- Firefox:
- Safari:
- Chrome:
- Opera:


1. Art. the 13, c. 2 of EU-GDPR, EU General Data Protection Regulation nr. 2016/679 list the rights of the customer/user.
2. The website angelismarriti intends therefore to inform the customer/user on the existence:
- of the right of the interested one to ask the holder the access to personal data (art. 15 EU-GDPR Regulation), their update (art. 7, Co. 3, lett. a) D.Lgs. 196/2003), Regulation rectifies it (art. 16 EU), integration (art. 7, Co. 3, lett. a) D.Lgs. 196/2003) or the limitation of the treatment that regard it (art. 18 EU Regulation) or to oppose themselves, for reasons legitimize, to their treatment (art. 21 EU-GDPR Regulation), besides the right to the port of data (art. 20  EU-GDPR Regulation);
- of the right to ask cancellation (art. 17 EU Regulation), the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data dealt in law violation, those comprised of which are not necessary the conservation in relation to the scopes for which the data are collected or successively dealt (art. 7, Co. 3, lett. b) D.Lgs. 196/2003);
- of the right to obtain the attestation that the operations of update, rectification, integration of the data, cancellation, block of the data, transformation have been capacities to acquaintance, also regarding their content, of those people to which the data are communicated or diffuse, excepted the case in which such implementation it is revealed impossible or it involved a manifestly disproportionate means employment regarding protected right (art. 7, Co. 3, lett. c) D.lgs. 196/2003);
3. The demands can be addressed to the holder of the treatment, without formality or, in alternative, using the model previewed from the Guarantor for the Protection of the Personal Data, or sending a mail to the address:
4. In case the treatment is based on art. the 6, paragraph 1, lett. a) - consent expressed to I use it - or on art. the 9, paragraph 2 lett. a) - consent expressed to I use it of genetic, biometric, relative data to the health, that they reveal religious convictions, or philosophical or trade-union belongings, that they reveal the racial or ethnic origin, the political opinions - the customer has the right to revoke the consent anytime without to prejudice the liceitą of the treatment based on the consent lend before the revocation.
5. Parimenti, in case of violation of the norm, the customer has the right to propose claim near the Guarantor for the Protection of the Personal Data, which authority premails to the control on the treatment in the Italian State.
6. For a deepened examination more of the rights that compete to Them, the artt are seen. 15 and ss. of EU-GDPR Regulation 2016/679 and art. the 7 of the D.Lgs. 196/2003, Italian law.


1. It anticipates situated could share some of the collected data with services localized to out of the area of the European Union. In particular with Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) through social plugin and  EU-GDPR Regulation nr. 2016/679, for which it is not necessary ulterior consent. The mentioned companies over guarantee own adhesion to the Shield Privacy.
2. They will not never come transferred given to Countries third party who does not respect the conditions previewed from article 45 and ss, of EU-GDPR.


1. Situated draft anticipates the data of the customers/users in lawful and corrected way, adopting the opportune safeguards measures times to prevent approached not authorized persons, spreading, modification or not authorized destruction of the data. The treatment is carried out by means of instruments computer science to us, with organizational modality and logical closely correlated to the indicated purposes.
2. Besides the holder, in some cases, they could have approached the data categories of people in charge involved in the organization of the site (personal administrative, commercial, marketing, lawyers, external administrators of system) that is subjects (like suppliers of technical services third party, postal couriers, hosting provider, computer science societies, agencies of communication).


1. Document, published to the address anticipates:
it constitutes the privacy policy of this site.
2. It can be subject to modifications or updates. In case features of modifications and important updates these will be marked with appropriate notifications to the customers.
3. The versions precedence of the document will be however available to this page.
4. This privacy policy document is updated on date 05/25/2018 for being in accordance with the Privacy EU Regulations, and in particular in compliance with EU-GDPR nr. 2016/679.

Luca Scantamburlo
May 25, 2018, Italy

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