Luca Scantamburlo as spokesman - Italy, January 2006

LUCA SCANTAMBURLO, an Italian freelance writer/photographer

by Luca Scantamburlo

NOVEMBER 10, 2015
The Sun's Dark Companion and the Physics of Equilibrium

FEBRUARY 14, 2015
Speculations on the Sun's Dark Star Companion, according to Physics

AUGUST 19, 2014
When Will Nibiru Get Here According to Physics?

JUNE 02, 2014
We are not alone: the hidden evidence of the Solway Firth Spaceman (UK, 1964)

JANUARY 19, 2008
Apollo 20: Lights and Shadows of A Disclosure

SEPTEMBER 23, 2009
Apollo 19 Incident: The Radio Dialogue

FEBRUARY 22, 2008
The Scientific Search for a Missing Planet

DECEMBER 27, 2007
What is Going On in Space?

NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Apollo 19 an 20: New Clues and Revelations on the Case

AUGUST 22, 2007

The Apollo 20 case: Debunking or a Trojan Horse for the Truth?

AUGUST 8, 2007
The Presumed Flight Course of the Phonenix Lunar Module Before Descent

JULY 28 and AUGUST 5, 2007

Lunar Coordinates of the Alien Spaceship and Features of Fermi Walled Plane

JUNE 26, 2007

New Evidence Provided by William Rutledge, CDR of the Apollo 20 Crew

MAY 17, 2007
The Apollo 20: an American-Soviet Classified Mission for
an Abandoned Alien Ship on the Moon?

DECEMBER 19, 2006
What is Going on in the Solar System and Is the "Planet X" Approaching?

NOVEMBER 21, 2006
Gorbachev and Reagan: a Military Alliance Against a Hyphotetical Alien Attack

NOVEMBER 11, 2006
The Planet X and the "Jesuit Footage" Classified "Secretum Omega"

OCTOBER 21, 2006
An Italian Encyclopaedia for Teenagers Mentions Nibiru and Its Inhabitants,
the Anunnaki


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